Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snow Day!!!

No!.....Not here! In Missouri where my friend Leah, her husband Jeff and their cuter than cute son Ryder live! Leah sent me an email titled Ryder's snow day. It was some terrific shots of little Ryder in the snow and on his wooden rockin' horse, "Woody". (I know isn't that just the cutest name for a rockin' horse?) She reports they got about 7 inches of the white stuff. I don't think we've had a total of seven inches in the 17 years we've been in Alabama. I don't think I miss it though. I know I don't miss the cold that goes along with it. Matt and Mary got quite a few inches of ice from the sleet. I know, without a doubt, I don't miss the ice!!! Weatherman says we may get snow here Monday, I doubt it..... If we do I'll for sure take some pictures but all I have to work with is Dan and I quarantee he's no where near as cute as Ryder in the snow!!! Enjoy!

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