Friday, January 16, 2009

It's Cold, the Sequel!

You bet your booties it's cold. It was 8 degrees when I got to work this morning at 8:30ish. It has warmed up to a whopping 22 degrees. It was 41 in the store this morning but has reached 48 degrees now! Heat Wave!!! Left for a little while to take mother to the beauty parlor and to buy her groceries while she was getting her hair done. It was good to just be in the warm car.
I got the cutest email from my buddy April. She says she hates the cold too. Apparently when it is too hot she can cool off with a rag dipped in the cooler but has never been able to snap her fingers and create fire when she's too cold! I must agree, it is much easier for me to cool off than warm up.
I thought we fed the livestock in record time last night but tonight we may very well set a new record!!! Willie seems to be handling the cold snap pretty well. He does have a lot of llama fur.
Good news is, the high for tomorrow is 42, that is 20 degrees warmer than today! Then next week the forecast is calling for some 50's! yippppeeee! I know it doesn't take much to get a yippppeee out of me anymore.
I went by and placed an ad in our weekly paper for our embroidery business. I did the 6 week special. When the lady said this would run through March something or other I just thought, WOW! Maybe I can hold out for 6 more weeks and Spring will be here!! However, when Kelly and Ned decided to get married on March 12th everybody and their brother had to tell us that we had our biggest snow in March! March 12, 2005 was 72 with sun and wind, a typical March day for Northwest Alabama. My how time flies......
Until tomorrow, stay warm!

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