Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's Cold!!!

When I got to the store this morning at 8 am the temperature was 16 degrees outside and 45 degrees inside the store. It has climbed to 24 outside and 52 degrees inside! The wind chill is 18.
I know.....this is ridiculous! This is supposed to be the sunny south! Spring can't come quick enough for me, and this is only January.......I'm afraid the next 60 days are gonna be trying for warm weather lovers like myself!
On a different note...American Idol started back up Tuesday night. Yes, Dan & I are fans of this goofy show. We love to hate Simon, we immitate Randy by saying stuff like "it was a little pitchy dog", and we think poor Paula is a little loopy. This year they have a new judge, we'll have an opinion of her soon.
Well, my resized design just arrived via email so it's back to work for me. Have a great day, stay warm and check back often!

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