Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Time Flies When You're Having Fun!

I can't believe I haven't posted in almost a week! We have been super busy at the store finishing up the shirts for Lone Star Rodeo Company. They look great if I do say so myself! Their '09 rodeo season kicks off next weekend in Maryland. This marks their 60th year in the rodeo business! Pretty impressive! Check 'em out at Rachel will be down tomorrow to pick up all the shirts. We are finishing up Cutter's right now. Cutter is the youngest cowboy of the bunch ( he's 6 or 7, I can't keep up because it changes every year). He is involved in the Grand Entry and helps run the calves and steers out of the arena so he needs to be in official Lone Star attire!
The weather is fixin' to go to h*ll in a hand basket! The temperature will not get above freezing tomorrow and go down to single digits tomorrow night! With wind chills below zero. Brrrrr! Somebody tell mother nature this is Alabama not Alaska!!!! I have some Flickr friends in Fairbanks and they have had some really cold days with temperatures of 50 below zero! Better them than me!
Sunday was my buddy Ashley Parkers jewelry show. We had a blast! Ashley and Clay's baby is due any day now. I think he is going to blow in with the cold air from the arctic and I'm gonna call him "Frosty". His aunt Leslie is hoping he'll make his debut Friday so she can take Friday off and have a long weekend. Monday is a holiday.
Have you opened a Flickr account yet? Have you subscribed to the free magazines or checked out the websites? If not do it now, get started. When you open your flickr account make sure you add me, kaymcgee08, as a contact!
I'll be back tomorrow to post the temperature!

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