Monday, January 5, 2009

The Best Christmas Ever!

I know Christmas was 10 days ago but I have just been given the okay to tell all about it!
We had Christmas dinner at our house Christmas night. Matt and Mary came down from Mo, Ned and Kelly came down from Tn and mother and daddy came over. I had never cooked the bird before and I'm pleased to say he turned out great!! The dressing was delicious (if I do say so myself) mother brought a ham and sweet potatoes, Kelly brought strawberry pretzel salad and made homemade mac & cheese and Mary brought homemade sweets! It was all fabulous. After dinner mother and daddy opened their gifts. After we visited for a while I started cleaning up, Ned and Kelly took Gran and Papa Tom home and the guys went out to feed the multitude of horses we have aquired. (that is a whole post in itself) About 9:30 we started opening presents. This is a long ordeal at our Christmas as we go one at a time starting with the youngest to oldest in rotation. I'll just tell you I hit the jackpot. Winter coat, "chaps" vest, necklace, warm robe, water pitcher and more...... Just when I thought we were through Kelly handed me and Dan each a sweat shirt and said unfold 'em at the same time. We did, mine said "just call me Grandma" !
I don't even remember what I said or did, they say I cried. If I did, I gurarantee you they were tears of pure joy! We are excited beyond words!! The baby is due in early August and I know Ned and Kelly will be the best parents ever!
The weekend flew by ( maybe because my feet never touched the ground) and we all had a ball. We monogrammed all day Friday on the Christmas gifts for the kids that Dan and I didn't get done before Christmas. We monogrammed Sat. morning and Sunday morning. We went to a barrel race on Saturday, Mary was the big winner! I hit barrels but I didn't care because I'm gonna be a grandmother!!
Of course I have shots of my favorite folks at Christmas! Enjoy!

Papa Tom & Gran

Mary & Matt

Ned & Kelly

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  1. This is wonderful news. I feel like an aunt. Congratulations and we love you all.