Monday, August 17, 2009

Zane's First Trip to Bama!

It was a big weekend for us all! Zane made his first trip to the feed store and to our house! And, he survived! I gotta tell you, it went by FAST! They got to the store about 10am and my mom and dad came right on over to meet their newest great grandchild and the first great grandson! They are certain he's a "keeper"!
Later it was on to Marvin and Kathryn's next door to meet them.
Dan left for a horse sale right after lunch and Ned helped me in the store by loading feed all afternoon. Friday night it was supper at Gran & Papa Tom's. Zane provided the entertainment. He didn't really do anything other than look around and be cute but that was enough for us!
Saturday is a half day at the ole Shamrock... thank goodness! By noon Zane was ready for the AC and I was too! Dan & Ned had a rope horse to show so Kelly, Zane and myself were lazy for a couple of hours. That is until the Semi truck load of hay showed up. All I had to do was open gates and get 'em to the right spot. Dan & Ned got the fun job of unloading it on Sunday. Saturday evening was the Sharp/Stults family reunion. I took mother and we both had a really good time.
Sunday morning my cousin Kathy came over to meet Zane.
Kathy's son Hayes was a preemie but you'd never guess it by looking at him now. We compared NICU stories, had us a little "photo shoot" and had a great time hanging out!
PaPa did get his Sunday bonding time in with his best buddy!
After the hay was unloaded Kel and I headed over to Kohls to buy a rug for the living room...We stopped at Olive Garden and brought supper home and before you knew it, it was time for them to head back to Tennessee! The good news is they'll be back in a couple of weeks for Zane's baby shower at Kathryn's. I can't wait!!

Buckled up and ready for the road....

Dan & I think Zane was waving "bye-bye" too!!

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