Monday, March 29, 2010

Wedding Shoes!

Last Saturday my nephew Corey was married.
He married Danielle, a beautiful girl.
I know they'll be happy! They're a great couple.
The bride was absolutely radiant!
The Groom was handsome.
I was impressed.
The wedding sailed along ever so lovely.
Then it was over and everyone was mingling...
I looked down at my nephew's feet and this is what I saw!

Can you believe these shoes?
Is this the new style for 20 something men?
Inquiring minds want to know....we need to know....we crave knowledge...
And just in case you're wondering, they are a size 13!
My mother's reaction was, "I hope he's only renting them."
My reaction was, "come here, I need to get some shots of these shoes!"Never mind that the bride is looking for you for photos... I need evidence."
Evidence that you really showed up for your wedding wearing these shoes!
Maybe I'm out of touch with the latest styles....
Maybe I'm older than I thought....
Maybe he got a deal on the whole wedding party ensemble for wearing these shoes....
Maybe he lost a bet....
Maybe this is the only style that comes in a size 13...
Maybe I'm making too much out of this...

The possibilities are endless...
My son and son-in-law both got married in cowboy boots and I guess to some this sounds strange. For us it was normal. Maybe this is Corey's normal.
Whatever the reason, this is the part of the wedding I'm sure to remember for a long, long time!

Oh yes...please take note of the white socks!


  1. congrats to Corey! I think he looks pretty spiffy! But Kay, you went to a wedding and didn't even post a photo of the happy couple? The bride is always the most photographed right? Well, unless the aunt is 'fixated' on the grooms shoes. LOL

  2. Other than the white socks, those shoes are really pretty fashionable right now.