Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wedding Photos

Thanks for comments and the emails about Corey's Wedding shoes.
I suspected I was behind the times....
Now I know for sure, I was and am behind! I probably won't ever catch up so just bear with me....

Apparently these shoes are HOT!
They are what's in!
Everybody's wearing 'em!

Now that we've settled that let's move on.......

Another comment was asking why I didn't show photographs of the bride. So here is the one shot I took of the beautiful bride Danielle....
Only one you ask....Yes, only one!
Let me explain.
When I go to weddings I only carry my camera in with me if I have asked the bride or the photographer if it is okay for me to take some random shots of the bridal party and the guests. This is photography etiquette. There is a reason the bride and groom hire a professional photographer. They want professional wedding photos. To have 20 people with cameras and cell phones standing up during the ceremony taking pictures is in my opinion totally uncool! It definitely distracts from the ceremony.  When a professional photographer has been hired to take the wedding photos they are responsible for posing the couple and the wedding party, providing lighting, making sure the brides dress is "fluffed", etc. I think it's wrong for uncle Harry and 25 other friends and relatives to just step in after all of this is done and take pictures. Many professional photographers do not allow it. I respect that. Some do allow it and this is why I always ask first. When a photographer has to ask family and friends to please stop taking pictures because all of the flashes are causing their flash to misfire something is wrong!
 That's all my venting for today...
You're Welcome!
However, while we were waiting for the reception we did have a little photo shoot ( after the shoe shot of course)!

I'll just kick my socks off and hang out here waiting on the 'grub'....
I thought this was a recliner....
Sure, I can look cute for a few shots....

Grandparents of the groom, my Mom and Dad!
Zane is their 3rd Great Grandchild and their first Great Grandson!
They like him, a lot!
This is all for today! Now go outside and enjoy the wonderful sunshine!

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  1. Man, that baby is growing fast, he's getting to be a big boy!!