Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's just around the corner....

Spring that is!
I'm looking forward to it this year as much as ever.
Without talking too much about weather again let's just say we're long overdue for some warm, sunshiny days!
With the end of winter comes "award season". We've been steadily working on awards for different associations for a couple of weeks now. If you haven't checked out our website for a look at some of the cool awards we offer you should!
We've just added vinyl designs. We can make decals for your vehicle, trailer, etc. or we can use a different type of vinyl and create wall art for your home! These decals also make a unique awards in that we can design a decal that advertises your event and location along with the award. Using decals for advertising definitely gives you a lot of "bang for your buck"!
We've also been getting in new handbags and we're adding flip flops this spring too! These aren't your plain ole run of the mill flip flops...these have rhinestones, studs and conchos! They're super cool and they make me wish it was 80* now so I could wear them with a pair of shorts and a short sleeve shirt....

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