Friday, March 26, 2010

Baby Gifts....

Right before Zane came home from the hospital I bought Ned and Kelly an "itzbeen baby care timer". Let me just tell you it was money well spent!
We all love it.
 It's one of the coolest gadgets ever!
I wish I'd invented it.
The concept behind this neat little timer is that it tells you how long itzbeen since the baby ate (bottle icon) or was changed (diaper icon) or napped (Zzzz icon). There is even a * button for anything else. (Like maybe if they are on medication) This is how it works...say you've just changed baby's diaper, pick up the itzbeen and move the unlock button on the side then click on the button with the diaper icon the timer then says 00:00. Go back to the side button and do the key lock thingy again. This lock button is a good thing...I'm prone to accidentally pushing buttons when I shouldn't. Now when baby eats or naps or takes meds or does whatever, you can set the timer. Then, when an hour or two has passed and you are wondering what time he ate last you look at the itzbeen and it might say 2:34. Now you know itzbeen 2 hours and 34 minutes since he ate! Cool huh? There is a clip on the back so you can clip it on yourself or on your diaper bag or on the dog...just kidding...but you can clip it just about anywhere. There is a built-in flashlight and a clock! There is also a setting for breast feeding moms. Itzbeens come in blue, green (this is the one I got) and pink. So now the itzbeen is my new standard baby gift, along with a monogrammed burp cloth or two. They are unique and useful. If you're looking for a new idea for a baby gift check this out... new moms and dads will love you for it! Guaranteed!

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