Friday, December 4, 2009

It's December...It's Suppose to be COLD!

But maybe not this cold....

My weather bug on my computer tells me it is 11:34 am and the temp is 37*!
Yesterday my little weatherbug buddy didn't get above 38*.
I'm not a fan of cold weather.
Never have been, never will be. PERIOD!
It may snow somewhere in the heart of dixie tonight and tomorrow but probably not here. That's okay with me. I lived in snow for 13 long winters. Thank goodness my kids were little then and we played in the snow, made snow men, slid down the hill past the pine trees, under the cable fence and into the outdoor arena on a regular basis. That part was fun. The part that wasn't so much fun was the fact that the animals still had to be cared for even when it was umpteen degrees below zero! Ice had to be broken out of the water buckets and filled up with fresh water. Stalls had to be cleaned. Customers horses had to be ridden. Steers and calves had to be tended to. Our life had to go on despite the weather and that could be a bummer! We wore a lot of winter clothes. Everywhere. You bundled up to go to Wal Mart or Krogers or just to the post office. Everybody did, you didn't stick out like a sore thumb and you didn't think anything about going to Wal Mart and parking beside a 20' high pile of snow that had been pushed there by the snow plows. It was simply a way of life. A way I'm not going to go back to if I can help it. I'm not thrilled about the cold yesterday, today, and tomorrow, but I watch the weather, I saw where next Wednesday's high is 60's. That keeps me from getting depressed over the cold weather. It provides a break from this bone chilling cold..... and buddy I'll need a break! Meanwhile, I'll just sit by my heater here at the ole Shamrock and listen to the hummmmm of the embroidery machine.
Do you like the cold? The snow? Or are you a warm weather gal or guy like myself? Leave me a comment and tell me how you feel about the weather. I want to know....

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