Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rain, Rain Go AWAY!!!

Well I haven't drowned or melted but I must say I'm surprised that I haven't with all the rain we've had! Enough already! I hate to be a complainer. I try very hard to keep a positive attitude. I try very hard to see the good in every situation. I try very hard to be little miss sunshine....But I don't know how much longer we can go without the sun on a daily basis.... This has got to be the wettest October on record.
The rain got in the way of my yard sale Saturday. I was all primed to make a ton of money.
I may never get to ride outside again. Our outdoor arena looks like a lake and I'm not exaggerating! I have been riding in our indoor arena. I'm so thankful for a dry place to ride.
We have to cross a little creek to get from the house to the barn. Our little creek has gotten pretty large lately. We just kinda wade out to the barn.
I have a couple of places I want to go and shoot some photos but it's always just got done raining, raining or fixin' to rain when we leave the store.
Next thing you know it'll be dark when we leave. Now, I'll just tell you that really does bum me out! We should only have to work like 1/2 a day in the winter...that should be a law. If you know somebody who can get that done for me I'd appreciate it! This weekend the rain may stop so it can turn cold! ggggggrrrrrrrr

Next week I'll be in Columbus, Ohio with my favorite daughter-in-law Mary. She'll be competing at the Quarter Horse Congress in the barrel race. I'll leave Tuesday and drive to Matt & Mary's house in Mo. We plan to get up early Wednesday morning and head for Ohio! The shopping is fantastic at the Congress so I've been rolling coins since last Saturday. $335 in quarters and dimes. Not bad, eh? Still have nickels left to roll... I like to start with the big stuff first. What do you bet I spend most of that on Zane Daniel? I probably will.....He's worth it!

Speaking of Zane Daniel, here are a couple of shots of him from this past weekend. Enjoy!

Zane & Daddy in the feed store sitting on the 'saddle' stool that Dan made....

Zane & Daddy checking out the little 4 wheeler that Papa bought...

Farmer Zane in his overalls & work boots....
Is there anything more precious than a sleeping baby?
"I'm ready Papa....let's go!"

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