Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Bags are Packed and I'm Ready to GO!!!

Well sort of... My bags are partially packed and I'm almost ready to go....
Where? you ask...
Well I'm leaving at lunch today and going to Matt & Mary's house in Oak Ridge, Mo. Tomorrow my favorite daughter-in-law and I will be leaving their house and heading for Columbus, Ohio. Mary will be running barrels at the Quarter Horse Congress. I have been super busy getting all my "stuff" done so I can leave with 'kind of' a clean slate work wise... Okay, that ain't gonna happen but so far not too much left undone. Nothing too terribly pressing. Nothing I can't handle. I am leaving Dan with the task of embroidering 3 dozen caps for the Women on the Edge trail riding club! He is good at caps! He can handle it!

Mary and I will have fun! She'll be winning $$. I'll be spending $$. What a FUN pair!!

I must leave you with a photo of Zane. It appears that last week he discovered his thumb. He likes to suck his thumb. He may like his thumb better than he likes wub a nub! We're not sure yet! Enjoy!
I'm not sure if he really likes his cowboy hat but he definitely doesn't mind wearing it!

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