Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day(s)!

Between 8 and 9 inches of snow at our house and temperatures below freezing. This was okay for the first day but I think I'm over it now! I took quite a few photos but have to go back to work to download them onto my computer with my photo software. We did go over for a little while yesterday to pick up some more feed and a few supplies. We have a hurt horse and a new calf. As they say...It's always something! When we checked on Mother and Daddy she seemed to be taking it all in stride...Daddy had gone back to bed.
Saturday, Mother and Daddy each got a card from Daddy's sister Betty Ruth. She sent Mother photos and sent Daddy a dollar bill. Daddy got a big kick out that. He said if it weren't for having to buy a stamp he'd mail that dollar right back to her! They tickle me! Mother immediately started through the house looking for a frame for one of the photos of our family! We called Betty Ruth and they both enjoyed talking to her. I'm so thankful for their good days!
Mother and Pat love to watch football together. Mother had gotten to where she couldn't concentrate long enough to enjoy a game but that seems to be improving and they have been watching bowl games and playoffs since New Years day.
I guess the roads have improved today but the high temperature is 26* and with a limited heat source at the store Dan decided we'd stay at home again today...Zane has been sick with a cold for several days now and we're having a blast playing with him and all his toys!
I'm looking forward to warmer temps next week, I'll be busy playing catch up! Hopefully I'll be posting some of my snow shots!

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