Friday, May 28, 2010

Joyce Turns 1 !

Last Saturday Ned, Kelly, Zane and myself traveled to Dickson, TN for Zane's NICU buddy Joyce's first birthday party.
It was a blast!
I do realize that every baby's first birthday is an important milestone but when the birthday girl started out at 2 pounds and 2 ounces it becomes very, very special!
Of course I took a few photos....Enjoy!

Joyce and her Daddy Steve....
Are you sure it's okay to eat this Daddy?

Alrighty's GOOOOOD!

Joyce? Are you sure it's alright to be eatin' that cake like that?

Yeah Zane....I'm sure! Want some?

I'll share....

I've got plenty!

When this one's done I've got another one and it's even bigger....

Daddy? Do you like my Winnie the Pooh ears?

ohhhh...the paparazzie....

What cha got there Zane?

It's a ball and it's mine...

Ha! She didn't get my toy!

Sorry Joyce...Get your own...Your Mommy has 'em she's the one that gave me mine....

You know Daddy...I like parties...

Joyce and her grandmother, Kim

Joyce we must go home now, Thank You for inviting me, I had a lovely time....
and Oh yeah, Happy Birthday!

PaPa, I went to a birthday party and I got these really cool Winnie the Pooh ears and a super ball and some more stuff....and it was FUN!

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