Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cowboy Zane, Bronc Buster!

Okay, so maybe the pony's not a bronc....
He's more like a gentle pony that's just right for Zane.
I know what you're thinking, "Zane has a pony, "Macaroni the roany pony". 
And yes, he does. But apparently a cowboy can't have too many ponies in his herd.
PaPa found this pony the other night and thought, "Heck, Zane might like this little guy."
So he bought him. He was used for Birthday Parties and Zane will be having a birthday soon so now he has a birthday party pony.
That's what PaPas do. They plan ahead.
So now Zane has 3 ponies. Small, medium and large.
Lil' Buck is the smallest of the three. He's actually a miniature horse. When Zane is old enough to walk around a pony and brush him he'll be the perfect size.
Next comes the new pony, name not quite yet determined. He's bigger than Lil' Buck but smaller than Macaroni.  We've been calling him "Chocolate Candy Bar" because of his color.
Then the large pony is Macaroni. He's actually big enough for Dan to ride (and he does). He's not real tall but he's real stout and will be a perfect roping pony when Zane is bigger.
Here a some shots of Cowboy Zane, his mommy and daddy, and his new pony. Enjoy!

No, this isn't the new pony...this is Big Bertha, PaPa's Clydesdale mare...she's BIG!

This is the new pony...I'm watching PaPa brush him and making sure he does it right!

Good Job PaPa!

Geeeez...when am I gonna ride?

Oh good here comes the saddle....

My pony is so little that my PaPa has to get down on one knee to saddle him up...


My Mommy and Daddy help me with my pony...

Yeeeeee Haaawww!

I'm diggin' this.....

Hey Mommy...this is cool...I love you!

Oh yeah Daddy, I love you too!

Giddy up pony!

Mommy says I should practice swinging my rope....

Nice mane...maybe I could get me a weave out of this....

Just kiddin' Daddy...I know that's silly....

But if I do make a weave I'll make you one too!

I'm Lovin' It!

Do you like my saddle? It was my mommy's when she was a little cowgirl.

I might be a trick rider some day...I'll get back with you on that....

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  1. Debbie McCulloughFriday, May 21, 2010

    Photos are great! I know you are sooooo proud of that handsome little man!