Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lost and Found

That about sums up my afternoons with my parents. (In case you've missed it they both have alzheimer's disease.) Everyday we search, and search and search some more for something, anything, and everything. Eyeglasses can usually be found in the most obvious places. Daddy likes to put his in his shirt pocket and then start looking all over the house for them. When I see him looking for something I start asking him "what 'cha looking for daddy?" Sometimes he knows what it is but sometimes he doesn't. When he doesn't know we have to play the guessing game, for glasses he usually makes circles with his fingers and puts them up to his eyes and  then I know what he's looking for.  Dentures can almost always be found in his shirt pocket. But I have found them in the refrigerator 'soaking' in a glass of coca-cola! We look for billfolds, purses, shoes, lipstick, earrings, mail and money!!! Not long ago I was looking for mothers glasses, I picked up her purse thinking maybe she had put them in there. No glasses and no billfold! I eventually found the glasses but not the billfold. I looked and looked. I told Pat, my brother, about the missing billfold when he got home. I told him we weren't going to worry mother about this we'd just keep looking, we knew it had to be in the house somewhere. The next morning I told Linda their caregiver to keep an eye out for the billfold and if she ran across it to put it up. She didn't. She did however look for it in every spot she could think of. Now the case of the missing billfold was getting to me. I kept telling mother it was no big deal that it would turn up when we were looking for something else, as most things do! But I just couldn't quit looking. I was going through her closet when I spotted a purse in the very back corner. I finally got to it and opened the old purse and there it was, the missing billfold!! Hallelujah! I have no idea how she managed to get the purse so far back and hid in her closet but she did. When I told her I found her billfold she was so excited. She hurried to find Daddy. "Did you hear the good news?" she asked him "Kay found my billfold!" To which he replied, " I didn't know you lost your bush hog." And so goes another day in the lost and found.....

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