Thursday, February 11, 2010

Eagle Hunt, Take Two

This past Sunday we once again struck out in search of the Bald Eagle.

This past Sunday we once again had NO luck in finding the Bald Eagle.

We drove 73 miles (Dan keeps up with that sort of thing). We were probably never more than 20 miles from our home the whole time. Let's just say we went the long way around. We went up on ridges, down by the river, around by the creek and sometimes we weren't sure where we were. It was enjoyable, but would have been more fun if we'd actually seen what we were looking for.

But just for the sake of taking photos I did get a few of a regular ole water bird....that's what Dan called it anyway....So Enjoy!

Okay, this is the same bird...isn't the wing span amazing?
This is him (or her) too.....

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