Wednesday, February 10, 2010

3 inches continued....

Monday morning here in North Alabama we woke up to quite a weather surprise!


Not our usual flurries but and honest to goodness snowfall!

It was coming down like crazy...blizzard like conditions....sticking to the ground and everything!

Accumulating fast!

Accumulating to everything...including the roads!

When Dan got up at six o'clock (noticed I didn't say 'when we got up at six o'clock) nothing. No snow. No sleet. No freezing rain. At 7 am Dan always heads to the barn for morning chores. Instead he comes in the bedroom and tells me how I'd better get up and come see this... I had NO idea what he was talking about but I'm a curious kind of gal and I jumped up and ran into the living room (okay I got up slowly and kind of waddled) to check it out...It was amazing and it didn't let up. Dan went on out to feed and I went back to bed. I've seen snow before. Remember I spent 13 winters in Cedar Hill, Mo!

No, I didn't go back to bed because I've been back in Dixie for 19 years and I get excited over snow again. Just like when I was a kid. We didn't get much then either, and now with global warming and all I'm afraid this could always be our last snow...EVER!

Dan went on to the store. He's the boss and that's what the man in charge does. I'm glad I'm not the boss! He called when he got to work and reported that the roads were pretty bad and the inexperienced 'snow drivers' were worse! When the snow finally quit about 10am we had 3 inches at our house. I headed out with my camera and got a few shots... It was a cloudy, gloomy day and all the white snow tended to "blow out" the light in several of the shots. I'm posting some of my faves anyway. Enjoy!
The Creek...

Our brood mares stay turned out...they didn't seem very impressed with the snow and even less impressed with me takin' their picture...

Manure Spreader....

It was eerily quiet outside...only the squeals of neighbor kids out having fun in the white stuff...This mare is listening intently.... The others just don't care.

Okay...notice the "patch" of hair missing on her left shoulder? We had a big branding at Christmas when Matt and Mary were here. This is one of the mares that we branded. You have to shave the hair in the spot where you are going to brand.

What is this you ask....Well we have a strand of barb wire on the top of our fence. Sometimes the mares like to rub their backsides against the fence. Sometimes this causes hair from their tail to get caught in the 'barbs'. I thought it was interesting that the hair had a little snow on it too.

The back pasture...

The only vehicle I saw was the UPS truck...they are so dedicated....

"Kendra" stayed right with me...really in my way....really a pain in the backside...really annoying.

Henry and Snickers enjoyed a frolic in the snow too!

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