Friday, January 29, 2010

Keep Your Horse Close...

Zane all dressed up in his "horsey" overalls, a gift from his cousin Kathy Ludwig. He was ready to head out to Franklin, TN to his Great Grandmother's 88th birthday party last weekend. He looks ready to party doesn't he?

Well today I'm wearing my sweatshirt that says "winter is for the birds", it has penquins on it and I wear it when the weather gets yucky! It's sleeting straight down and we've just been issued a winter weather warning...This weather doesn't bother me unless we lose electricity....then I FREAK OUT! We're at the store but don't know how long we'll stay. The feed truck has just pulled up to unload feed and we've had a few customers. Traffic is moving at a normal pace so I'm not too worried yet! If your in the middle of a "winter storm" take care, stay warm and make the best of it....If you get a minute pray I don't lose power and I'll do the same for you!

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